Your Support is Key - Let’s Inspire Learners Together!

ScienceWorks is dedicated to providing interactive science activities to students and families, and your support helps to reach more learners wherever they’re at! We continued to adapt in 2021 by developing virtual visits for school groups and engaging with campers and visitors in safe ways throughout the museum. This summer we welcomed 255 campers and provided K-12 summer enrichment opportunities to 525 Rogue Valley students.

Fall Fundraising Goals

ScienceWorks’ goal this fall is to raise $50,000! These funds will help us to support students and visitors alike into the new year with in-museum, in-school, virtual visit, and at-home options.   Schools and teachers do not always have the time and resources to provide interactive science activities for students. This is even more challenging during distance learning, and for displaced families. You can help us bridge the gap! ScienceWorks’ goal for this fall season is to equip more Rogue Valley students with tools and skills for curiosity-driven science learning. You can help put science into the hands of a future scientist!

Why Is This Important? 

The world needs scientists. The problems we are experiencing today are opportunities for tomorrow’s inventors, explorers, researchers, and engineers. Children are naturally curious, and our goal is to provide them with opportunities for discovery, learning, and problem solving. Tomorrow’s solutions start with today’s science projects.

Become a Sponsor:

It’s easy to sponsor of ScienceWorks! Contact to find out about sponsorship opportunitites. Support our inspirational programs that champion science and promote lifelong learning.