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Summer Camp 2023 - POKEMON ACADEMY
06/19/2023 - 06/23/2023


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Pokemon Academy Week is where engineering, biology, and adaptations come together for an exciting camp experience that appeals to kids of all ages.
ScienceWorks camps are led by experienced instructors and children's curiosity. We have three camp sections weekly to ensure all campers are surrounded by potential new friends in their age and ability range. Our camp instructors are experienced and comfortable with supporting different learning styles and needs, such as ADHD and neurodivergence.
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The camp begins with an introduction to the world of Pokemon and the basics of the game, setting the stage for a week of immersive fun and learning.

Campers get to unleash their creativity and imagination during the Creature Creator activity, where they design and craft their own unique Pokemon character using a variety of materials. This activity combines biology, engineering, and adaptations, and each camper gets to take their creature home with them as a memento of their Pokemon Academy experience. 

The Pokeball Catapult Launcher is a thrilling engineering activity that challenges campers to design and build a launcher that can shoot a Pokeball as far as possible. Campers learn about physics and engineering principles as they test and improve their designs, fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills. Seeing their Pokeballs fly through the air is a highlight of the camp for many campers.

Bringing the Pokemon battle spirit to life, the Water Balloon Fight and Squirt Gun Battle activity encourages campers to use their imaginations to simulate their favorite battles. It's a fun and exciting way to end the week, celebrating the new friendships and skills gained during the camp while having a blast with water-based Pokemon-themed activities.

To make the experience even more memorable, campers get to create their own Laser Engraved Custom Pokemon Cards using ScienceWorks' laser cutter. These cards feature the camper's name and their favorite Pokemon character, and campers love showing them off as a unique keepsake from their time at Pokemon Academy Week.

Don't miss out on the adventure and learning at Pokemon Academy Week at ScienceWorks! Join us for an unforgettable camp experience where kids can immerse themselves in the world of Pokemon, learn about biology and engineering, and have a blast with hands-on activities and games.

9:00 Welcome: Team building exercises / Discovery prompts / Self-guided activities - like Legos, marble mazes
10:00 Theme activity session I
12:00 Lunch and outside play/ games time (weather permitting)
12:30 Museum time
1:30 Theme activity session II
3:00 Check out and Goodbye

Also during the week: 
MidWeek: Demos and guest speakers
Friday: Family Show + Tell


ScienceWorks proudly offers high-quality and fun science-based summer camps for the Rogue Valley since 2003. In-person, small class sizes, guest speakers, and exciting locally inspired investigations make our camps accessible and engaging. Our campers will be divided into 3 cohorts based on ability level to ensure that each camper is able to feel successful and engage with the content at their own pace. 

A limited number of camp scholarships are available. If you family has EBT (Oregon Trail Card), SNAP or free school lunches and would like to apply for a camp scholarship, please email scholarship@scienceworksmuseum.org one piece of official correspondence reflecting that your family receives this type of assistance and we will reach out to you.