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Summer Camp 2023 - DRONE DAY - July 6th


  • $125.00


Drone Day offers a unique opportunity for kids to explore the exciting world of Drones!
ScienceWorks camps are led by experienced instructors and children's curiosity. We have three camp sections weekly to ensure all campers are surrounded by potential new friends in their age and ability range. Our camp instructors are experienced and comfortable with supporting different learning styles and needs, such as ADHD and neurodivergence.
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Join us for an unforgettable experience where you'll learn to fly drones and create your own obstacle course to race through.

DRONES 101: 

You'll receive expert instruction on drone piloting techniques, safety guidelines, and best practices.



Here, you'll put your skills to the test by designing and building a thrilling obstacle course for friendly competitions.



ScienceWorks proudly offers high-quality and fun science-based summer camps for the Rogue Valley since 2003. In-person, small class sizes, guest speakers, and exciting locally inspired investigations make our camps accessible and engaging. Our campers will be divided into 3 cohorts based on ability level to ensure that each camper is able to feel successful and engage with the content at their own pace.