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STEM Story Telling: Creature Creators MM
07/26/2021 09:00 AM - 07/30/2021 03:00 PM PT


  • $300.00


In this STEM Story Telling excursion, campers explore Biological systems with a narrative twist and ask the question, “What makes a monster?” Investigations include NGSS cross-cutting concepts throughout. Museum Masters, ages 10-12
Waiver Statement:

Students will be separated into cohorts which will be in separate classrooms in the building. Each classroom will be set up to allow for at least 6 feet between students. Additionally, museum staff will do their best to create situations where students can be physically separate. However, we cannot guarantee students will always remain three or more feet apart.  

Students will be asked to wash their hands after activities as well as before and after eating (if applicable). We will also have hand sanitizer available throughout the building and in the classroom spaces. We will practice cleaning of scientific instruments, and other cleaning techniques diligently. Everyone will be responsible for cleaning tasks.


All children will wear masks. Please be sure that your child wears comfortable clothing suitable for indoor and outdoor activities. Some program experiments/activities are messy, so please send your child in clothes that are OK to get dirty. Your child should wear sturdy, comfortable shoes. Closed-back sandals are permitted in warm weather but please no flip-flops or heels.  Please consider putting sunscreen on your child before coming to ScienceWorks as some activities may take place outdoors. 


Sign-out and pick-up will take place from your child’s classroom inside the museum. If someone other than the designated parent/guardian listed on the Sign-Out sheet will be picking up your child, we must have permission in advance. Please be prompt to pick up your child or you may be charged an additional fee if we provide additional care. The program ends at 3:00 pm every day.


If your child will not be attending the program on a specific day, please notify ScienceWorks as soon as possible by emailing leah@scienceworksmuseum.org or calling 541-482-6767 ext 350. 


Notify us if your child is having a problem while at the museum. Children may share information with family before program staff if they are having some type of trouble. We want your child to have an enjoyable and rewarding time at ScienceWorks. With your help, we can ensure that all students are at ease and comfortable. Program administrators and educators will be available to discuss any issues or problems that may arise for your child. ScienceWorks does reserve the right to exclude any child from participation who exhibits violent or inappropriate behavior at the museum. If this happens you will not be eligible for a refund.


If you must reach your child in the event of an emergency, you may call (541) 482-6767 ext 350 and a message will be relayed to the program administrator and/or educators. In the unlikely event that your child experiences a health emergency or accident, we will notify you immediately and seek advice. In the event that a child needs immediate medical attention or needs to be taken to the hospital, we will inform you of our actions as soon as possible.

By signing your child up for this program, you authorize ScienceWorks to photograph and/or videotape your child for publicity purposes (including visits from news media and photos on our website). ScienceWorks will not release any personal information regarding your child. Please understand that these materials will be the property of ScienceWorks not to be sold or loaned and will be used only to promote ScienceWorks programs. If you do not wish your child to be photographed, please write leah@scienceworksmuseum.org.


ScienceWorks loves being outside when we're able! I certify that ScienceWorks staff can take walking field trips from ScienceWorks during program times with my child.

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